Ministry Training

If you have a vision to develop from author to speaker, a whole new world of opportunities opens up to you and your ability to earn money increases as well.

By leveraging your content into multiple streams of income from products and services—not just books, you don’t rely on income from book sales or advances. Instead, you monetize your content by turning it into online courses, talks, workshops, webinars, seminars, membership sites, and coaching or consulting packages.

The differences between poor and smart authors?

My book is a business card

My book is a business

My book is the end of a relationship

My book is the start of a relationship

My book is a single product

My book is a suite of products and services

Turn your book into an online course. A R3000 setup fee will apply to launch the project, we do the development, provide the LMS setup cost, manage your sales funnel and payment processor and we split the income 50/50.


Following are the requirements needed for us to develop the potential from your book:

  • Possess a published book

  • Possess a vision for your book to have greater impact upon people, and for you to be involved in the training of those people, either one on one or in digital format.

What will I gain?

The benefits of this process are as follows:

  • Your book (or almost book) will be turned into a course

  • Create a simple plan for turning your book into a course.

  • Be able to take any chapter and turn it into course materials

  • Build a sales funnel and make money

  • Create a course and learning plan which makes it easy for you to start recording

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