Facebook for Ministries

One of Facebook’s great benefits for you, as a ministry leader, is that it lets you be where your audience is. Intoweb Ministries’ ‘Facebook for Ministry’ program teaches ministries how not only to connect with, but share their message with the demographic that God has called them to.  

These courses will provide you strategies on how to use Facebook to minister to those God called you to, and grow your ministry through increased audience participation. We are resourced a ministry to equip congregants and members for evangelical exploits.

Facebook for Ministries Book

Facebook is a wonderful platform that can reach so many people nationally and internationally. Ministries need to learn how to harnes the power of Facebook in order to get their message out. This book will  teach you how to effectively use Facebook in order to increase your reach, and provides strategies on how to make your posts appealing, and informative and inducive to sharing. Understanding the generation profiles that you are reaching, along with a great strategy, will help you achieve the results God has called you to represent.

Facebook for Ministries Training

This weekly webinar equips ministries, their staff and volunteers on how to build content strategies utilizing the appropriate media channels in order to effectively communicate their God given value to the world. The webinar is priced at R130/m. This product includes 4 weekly 1 hour sessions, which are conducted on a Monday and also available on replay.

Facebook for Ministries Coaching

Run by our #MinistryMedia coach, these are structured workshops sessions designed to help you develop your Facebook ministry presence. The course is presented once a month, and the cost of it is R999/day p/person maximum 40pax and includes a manual, a book, snacks, lunch and other refreshments. This course is also delivered at different learner levels.

Facebook Online Courses

The eLearning courses are delivered online, and allow you to go through the material at your own pace, along with an interactive workbook.

Facebook Promotion

If you do not have time to setup or manage your Facebook account yourself, you can outsource it to Intoweb Ministries. We love doing ministry work, and we will setup campaigns and strategies, and work with your team to get content, edit it, and create beautiful posts that showcase your ministry as it should.

Facebook allows you to:

  • Attract new members.
  • Preach the gospel.
  • Showcase your amazing work.
  • Create a community around your ministry.
  • Attract new employees.
  • Build your email contacts list.
  • Sell through your page.

Services we offer:

  • Facebook Account Management.
  • Facebook Profiling and Branding
  • Facebook Channel Analysis
  • Facebook Strategy Development.
  • Facebook Competitor Analysis
  • Facebook Content Curation and Media Engagement
  • Facebook Advertising Campaigns
  • Video Marketing
  • Generation of real, organic, location & niche targeted followers
  • Facebook Media Consultancy
  • Facebook Media Crisis Management.
  • Facebook website integration.
Our talented content creation and Facebook marketing team will create one Facebook post for you, per week for R550 per month.

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